Dedicated To Helping Victims Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are among the most common causes of injury and death in Kentucky and throughout the country. Thousands of people die in car accidents every year, and many times that number are injured due to another driver's negligence.

It's a sobering statistic: In 2015, over 35,000 Americans were killed in motor vehicle crashes, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

This number just scratches the surface. These injuries aren't limited to cars, trucking accidents and motorcycle accidents — they also include boating mishaps, bicycle crashes, aviation accidents, and even train and cruise ship crashes.

And here's another sobering fact: Many of these accidents are entirely preventable. They often happen because of someone else's negligence.

Fighting For Your Full Recovery

When you or a loved one are injured in an automobile accident, you need help with more than just your medical bills. My firm fights by your side to secure you compensation for all forms of medical treatment, lost wages, property damage, disability and more.

In large accidents involving trucks or commercial vehicles, these damages may be very high and you may face tough opposition. I have the extensive experience necessary to properly represent these cases, and work personally with every client to fight for the maximum compensation they are eligible to receive.

Standing Up To The Insurance Companies

Insurance companies don't want you to have a lawyer — they would much rather have you settle for a fraction of what you deserve. As someone with ties to the insurance industry, I understand how they operate and will vigorously advocate for your needs in negotiations and, if necessary, in trial. I have years of experience helping victims of serious automobile accidents fight for the full and fair compensation they need for their recovery.

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