Why Hire Scott Roby?

Choosing an attorney is no simple task. When you are injured or facing criminal prosecution, the last thing you want to waste time on is researching local attorneys. And with legal costs, a lawyer is an investment — you deserve personal attention and quality legal care in return, and many attorneys just don't meet the mark.

So why hire me, attorney Scott Roby? These are just some of the reasons clients have chosen my firm in the past.

1. I Prioritize Open, Candid And Frequent Communication

I understand this is a difficult time for you and your family, perhaps the most difficult time you have faced yet. When you have questions or need a case update, you expect your attorney to answer the phone and provide open and honest feedback. I always answer or return calls promptly, and speak to my clients directly — not through assistants or paralegals. And if I can't help you, I am honest about it, and will direct you toward a trusted colleague who can.

2. I Have Extensive Courtroom Experience

While many personal injury claims result in settlements through negotiation, you want your attorney to always be prepared for trial. If the other side knows you are prepared for court, they may be more generous during negotiations to avoid those costs. And if the case does go to trial, I am always prepared to vigorously defend you and your rights.

3. I Built A Strong Network Of Connections And Resources

I was born and raised in the Bluegrass State, and have built a broad network of resources — from other attorneys and judges to professionals in other industries that can help your case. When your case goes to trial, I know many people in our local justice system, and can tailor your case to give you the best chances of success.

4. I Understand How The Other Side Works

In both personal injury and criminal defense, I have seen how the other side operates and forms their cases. I have family members who work in the insurance industry, and I interned for an insurance company myself, so I know how to address insurance companies to maximize their payout to you. I also worked as both a county and state prosecutor, and understand many of the strategies prosecutors may use against you when you face criminal charges. This knowledge can give you the leg up in your case.

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